Freitag, 19. Februar 2010


Momma, Daddy and Shizuka are going for a walk at the river. Shizuka likes to walk there, because there are always ducks and swans at the river.

Today, there are many ducks. They beg for bread crumbs. Momma is bringing toast with her. She has one slice for Daddy, one for herself, and two slices for Shizuka.

There's a whole family of ducks walking around: a daddy-duck, a momma-duck and quite a lot of small ducklings. Well, they are not so small anymore. Actually they look like the grown-up ducks, but they are not that fat. The ducklings are nosey and come close to Shizuka. Their momma does not like this, she quacks nervously and tries to chase her ducklings away from Shizuka, into the water.

The duck is anxious for her babies, Momma says. She throws some bread crumbs, and the ducks peck them.

Shizuka cannot throw the bread crumbs as far as Momma can do. But the ducks come close to her and peck the bread. Shizuka can study their feathers well. The momma-ducks have brown ones with white and dark spots, and the feathers of the wings are shining blue and green.

The colorful feathers of the wings are called speculum, Momma explains.

Underneath, at the tummy and bum, the feathers are light brown and white. When the ducks are walking, their tail feathers wiggle funnily. Just like a dog waggles its tail.

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